Home Made Natural Yogurt

Today I was shown how to make my own yogurt and the result is delicious! Both my little ones gobbled it up.

1 Litre of milk (full fat is good for starters)
1 and 1/2 heaped tablespoon of natural, probiotic yogurt (eg Yeo Valley)
Woollen blanket or jumpers...

Put the milk into a pan and bring it to just boiling. Turn the heat off and wait until the temperature is warm, but not hot (test with your little finger).

Add the yogurt and stir in. Wrap the pan in the blanket and leave in a warm (not hot) place for 3-4 hours. Any longer and it becomes more sour. Unwrap the blanket, stir the yogurt and after 10 minutes place in the fridge. It should last for 10 days. Delicious on its own or with some honey or jam or pureed apple!

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