Saturday, 14 March 2009

Adventures and Dancing

Isobel is now a seasoned traveller on all types of London Transport (although perhaps it would be bliss to be unaware of it all). On Tuesday we took an adventure into town with Helen and Sophie to get the girlies their aussie passports. It was over so quickly it seemed a shame to go home after the effort of getting into town so.....we went shopping. H&M first and then a sneak look at Mamas and Papas where as we entered we said we would 'just look'. But behold they had a half price sale and the clothes are so gorgeous. So went a bit overboard and bought some things of varying ages. Had a bit of a shock when we got home and saw the array:

Still - least we are set for the Summer and for our trip to Perth (wardrobe wise).

On Thursday we met up with the girls and boys and tried our feet at salsa. Isobel seemed to love facing outwards in her baby bjorn - her little legs kicked away. Must have been good exercise as she slept for 3 hours that afternoon. Must dig out our Buena Vista Social Club Cds.

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