Sunday, 15 March 2009

Quack Quack

In the last week or so, Isobel has been a great deal more alert when we are out and wanting to see her surroundings rather than lie flat in her pram and doze. Saturday we gave the Maclaren pushchair a road test with her slightly sitting up and took a trip to the park. We saw beautiful blossum sparkling in the sun, daffodils dizzly shaking their heads in the breeze - and the carpet of crocuses crowning through the grass made the pathways look spectaular. We visited the ducks and watched them ducking and diving - quacking away. Isobel seemed quite determined to stay awake for walk - soaking it all in, but as soon as I lowered the back of the pram she was off in dreamland. Not for long though - as soon as we arrived home, her eyes sprang open :) I didn't take my camera so we went back to the park on Sunday with Richard and took some photos and took this video of Isobel watching the ducks:
Hmmm the video doesn't seem to be uploading so meanwhile here are a couple of pics -

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