Thursday, 4 June 2009

Last few days of the Hols...

We have now arrived back from Perth - the flight seemed far too long, but at least we had James to keep us company for the Perth - Dubai leg. Since the weekend of the Christening, Richard (and James) experienced their first AFL game. Richard and I also enjoyed a night out - first since Isobel was born so had to make a note of it here. The threat of rain never came and we took a day out to the Swan Valley and sampled a couple of the wineries, Houghton where we had our picnic lunch under the jacaranda trees and FishTail which we really enjoyed.

Although the weather was gorgeous - it wasn't quite warm enough for an outside swim so we took Isobel to Beatty Park which has a fantastic indoor pool for babies. I think Isobel found all the fountains and 'landscaping' in the water rather alot to take in - not quite what we are used to in Peckham!

We managed to fit in a visit to Kings Park and more walks along the beach. Due to the bad storms in the week before the 'iconic' pilon on cottesloe beach had toppled over so had to take this photo:

Catching up with friends and relatives carried on throughout the week. Isobel met Sally's dog, Luca and thought her jaws would be fun to grab........Don't think Luca was very impressed.

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