Sunday, 12 September 2010

Down to the Woods

I am not sure why we haven't gone walking in Dulwich Woods with Isobel before, but she loved it. The tall trees, tree stumps, birds singing and exploring:


King of the Castle on a tree stump.

We then came across a gorgeous little cubby house complete with seat. Isobel thought it was the perfect place to have her snack:

Daddy was invited in.
And so was Mummy.
Balancing on a fallen trunk was fun.
And at the end we went to have a look at the allotments - Isobel was intrigued by the tomatoes having picked three of her own yesterday.

Look - tomatoes
And the decking in our garden is still in progress.....really hoping it will be complete by next weekend so we can start planning some Autumn gardening....meanwhile Isobel helped Daddy sweep the newly laid one at the back:

Hard work, but some choc cake has given me some energy....

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