Monday, 29 November 2010

Train Adventures

The weekend before last, Isobel and I took the train down to Somerset - all by ourselves! I wasn't sure how Isobel would get on, but getting her out at Waterloo East and letting her walk about Waterloo station was a good move before boarding the train. I though she would be daunted by such a busy place, but no.

Snacks, pingu downloaded onto the iphone, stickers all helped the journey pass and she was thrilled to see Granny and Uncle James on the platform when we arrived. And then Auntie Kaye and MAX were on the other side of the bridge - heaven. Isobel was so pleased to see them all.

She kept herself very busy and spent her first night in a grown up bed (with bed guard thank goodness) and quite liked the fact she could just pop out of bed in the morning and get in with Mummy.

It was Granny's birthday the following Monday, so Isobel helped ice the cake:

Having some quiet time with Auntie Kaye (much needed):

Lovely Max:

And on the Sunday we went on the look out for some cows....

Come on!
I can see the cows!

And thank you to Granny for the photos - I cleverly deleted all my clicking efforts that weekend...!

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