Sunday, 15 May 2011

Gardening Sunday

It was time to plant out the courgettes,  runner and french beans (my broad bean seeds have turned to mould so starting again....).

Using a pot for the French beans as have run out of bed space....we could have been much more economical with our vege bed. Still, we will know for next year.

Runner bean canes placed at the back  -  hopefully this front bed will become a tall jungle before too long. Richard also planted some tall verbena and grasses at the back of this bed to create a hidie place for Isobel.

Beautiful peonies about to burst forth.

Delicate roses coming back to life after nearly 3 years of being rammed into a pot.

Potatoes, Pak Choi , Rocket and toms all growing! Hoping we can eat the Pak Choi very soon. The Rocket is delicious for lunch!

Rest of the vege bed - with an added pot of garlic in an attempt to keep carrot fly at bay.

And I love having the bath of herbs near the back door - so nice to be able to pick, cook and eat.

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Max's Daddy said...

Try eating the Pak Choi with a green curry...

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