Tuesday, 20 December 2011


It has been over two months since the last post - I wonder what we have been doing!! In a word - Elis! He is 11 weeks tomorrow and already starting to interact with Isobel - he loves it when she chats away to him and is often smiling as we are asking her not to do something which doesn't help....

Over the last couple of months the seasons have changed and now the frost has arrived I am waiting for my beautiful Cobea to wilt away. Having had no luck in grown it from seed in past years - the seed is like paper - , this time I sowed the whole pack - only for them all to work and to adorn our rickety fence. I adore the tubular flowers and the colours:

And we are counting down the 'sleeps' to Christmas Day. This year is FULL of anticipation as Isobel has really embraced it. She loves opening her Advent Calender (although have given up battling with her opening more than one a day - we reached the 24th last week!), to buying and decorating the tree, watching the advent candle burn down, making and wrapping presents.

Visiting a Christmas display with Granny:

And here she is making the annual gingerbread biscuits:

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Anonymous said...

That is the most beautiful picture of Isobel and Elis - they look so contented together! I've been waiting ages for another post and that picture's made the wait worth while! Hope you're well. Have a lovely Christmas. Love Karen x

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