Monday, 5 March 2012

Weekend Away

The weekend before last was spent at Granny's and Isobel's cousin, Max was also there. She was thrilled to see him in real life (as opposed to Facetime) and loved leading him here and there. Uncle James and Auntie Kaye became number ones (Mummy relegated to something around 5th place)....

Quiet time - watching The Wizard of Oz

The snowdrops were plentiful and looked beautiful in the sunlight:

Out for a sunny walk - I have a photo of Isobel similar age, in the same spot (with her in the carrier!)

On our return we met up with Auntie Judes for a quick birthday lunch during her lunch hour. It was Elis' first trip on a train and trip into the city....but he was blissfully unaware as we sat with St Paul's Cathedral looming. His great grandpa, an ex chorister, would have liked it!

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