Sunday, 23 June 2013

Time Out

c. Molly Makes

 This afternoon was to be mine. What to do with those several hours? I had a list as long as my arm (how can anyone be bored?). Inspired by a box arriving from family in Atlanta which I opened to find brimming with fabric and doll clothes patterns. Ann used to make all my Barbie clothes when I was a child - I loved it and I literally had a sack full! Sitting alongside the fabric lay two unopened Barbies. Looking so perfect I should have taken a photo especially once we opened them I realised these were not the Barbies you buy now days - their joints including their knees move! They must have been at least 10 years old. Anyway, I digress. Together with this parcel and catching up with the latest Molly Makes on my way into work last week I decided to try my hand at these Betty Dolls. I wanted a project which was achievable in a short space of time - not something which was going to be banished to the cupboard until the Autumn.

I did underestimate how long it would take to turn the limbs rightside out.....I think I will be looking at buying a loop hook....

The instructions did not specify attaching the head to body so I had to hand sew and decided to adorn a scarf to cover the join. I also didn't have any suitable 'hair' felt so didn't quite follow the instructions for the face - and perhaps overdid the red lippy. Whilst not perfect I was quite pleased to have finished.

I've called her Marilyn but moments after she was finished she was whisked out of my room and into a certain Miss I's......

And I was left to tidy up - I always seem to make a full blown mess - and always have done so!


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