Saturday, 21 February 2009


This week has been very busy with Richard's sister, Heledd staying with us which Isobel loved and seeing Richard's parents and Judith on the Thursday. Isobel found it so exciting she hardly slept so aiming for a very simple weekend and hopefully some more sleep.

Sounds a silly things to write down, but this week Isobel wore her first pair of jeans...first pair of many in her life I am sure. She is now gurgling away and even managed to move across her playmat the other day on her tummy.

I have been knitting a cardigan for her which seems to be taking ages as I knit a row when I can snatch a few minutes. Hoping to finish it this weekend and that it will still fit her!

Whilst Heledd was here, Richard found a door on a scrap heap further down the road. It is now hanging in our kitchen (we had been looking for a tiny door as the frame is so narrow) and it is now fitted with some lovely etched glass.

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