Thursday, 5 March 2009

Four Months Old

Isobel is the grand old age of 4 months on 6th March. It is amazing how quickly the time has gone by and the difference those months make. This week her Granny came to stay which was nice for me as finally managed to make up some window boxes for the front window which makes it slightly less dull looking onto the concrete front.

This week Isobel had her first bubble bath - and seemed to thoroughly enjoy it.

House renovations are moving slowly along. The new kitchen door (below) is in complete with glass. Just needs a lick of paint! Architraves have been done in the reception rooms and we now have a new front door. Still needs glass, letter box put in etc so is currently standing in the kitchen, but shouldn't be long now.

Isobel is now an Australian citizen - a dual girl. Off to get her aussie passport next week in time for our trip.

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That photo of Isobel is hilarious!

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