Saturday, 28 March 2009

Splish Splash Splosh

On Friday we had our first swim - I was so excited about the prospect of taking Isobel swimming. We went long with two of the other mummies and had a wonderful time (albeit in Peckham) in the hydrating pool - a lovely 33 degrees! Decked out in her swimming costume (and extra swimmer nappy) Isobel seemed very serious as she often is when taking in something new. She kicked away as we moved along in the water and her friends Daisy and Nye (pictured) also seemed to have a great time.
We were both pretty exhausted at the end of the week as Thursday was salsa class (more kicking of legs) followed by Ikea (and the inevitable meatballs) - enough to wipe anyone out. Friday afternoon finished in our usual way - mummies Dvd session (accompanied this week by a glass of bubbly and delicious food). It is interesting to see the babies develop each week - some are now old hands at lying on their tummies, rolling over. The boys are starting baby rice this weekend!

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the kids in their togs are so gorgeous!

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