Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Mmmmmmm - could I try some of that please?

Just when you think you have got to grips with feeding, wind, sleep etc, along comes a new challenge - weaning - the hot topic amongst us mums at the moment. As usual the advice leaves you spinning. Start now, wait until 6 months, start with baby rice, why not try baby led weaning (BLW), to puree - or not to puree......I have gone against the books and in an impromptu moment last Friday, gave Isobel some of my banana to suck. She seemed to like it and wanted more. On Sunday we tried a bit of cooked broccoli - not sure, but the roast parsnip seemed to be a success. Today she was sitting on my knee as I ate an apple. Before I knew it, she had lent forward and had her mouth around my apple - sucking away at the juice. So we'll try a bit of BLW, but I might also give baby rice a go next week.....watch out walls.

My first parsnip
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Here is the video....

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