Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Swan River & Cottesloe Beach

Isobel has now felt sand between her toes! The sun has been shinning here - gorgeous mid 20s. Sunday we had a picnic by Freshwater Bay with Pompey, Rachel and the boys and Ben and Jane joined us too which was a lovely surprise. Isobel met her first black Swan, had her first taste of watermelon and enjoyed a cuddle with everyone.

Earlier we had taken her to her first beach - the infamous Cottesloe Beach which was as flat as a pancake so no surfers about. The water was a glistening clear colour and felt warm as we walked along. Richard let Isobel have a paddle, but I think she found the incoming waves a little bit daunting. We went back there for breakfast on Monday with Pompey, but by the time we were on our walk she found it all a bit tiring:

Monday afternoon we met up with Joelle and her youngest, Ari. It was fantastic to see them again and Joelle had to have a little cuddle.

Walking by the river today we saw a pod of 3 dolphins just by us. It was a fantastic sight to see as the sun sparkled on the water. Storms are forecast for the coming days:(

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