Sunday, 17 May 2009

London to Perth

We are now in Perth and survived the flight! We left London Gatwick on Thursday after much faffing around leaving the house. Isobel thought the airport was mega interesting and the flight even more so especially the individual TV screens. She was really very good and hardly cried (or slept) on the long journey. We met James in Dubai - where people there kept wanting to touch Isobel - finding her fair skin tones and hair something to behold. After the first few times it was no longer amusing and Richard started saying 'OFF'! As we arrived into Perth there was a beautiful red sunset, but sadly was dark by the time we emerged from the airport. We took a walk by the river and watched the twinkling lights of the boats reflecting in the river. It was very quiet, calm and balmy!

Yesterday we went to my Dad's and had a belated birthday lunch for James. Isobel was surounded by uncles and Alexander seemed to enjoy holding her.

After lunch we went to visit Granny who has moved into a home. She and Isobel met for the first time which was lovely.

The weather here is glorious but set to change in the coming week.

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