Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Bank Holiday Weekend & Six months!

Or should I call it Roly poly - Isobel is finally rolling onto her tummy and pushing herself up! Not crawling yet - tends to do swim mid air instead. I am sure she will get there before too long.

Last Sunday Chris came to visit us. Isobel was very intrigued and thought conversing in Pingo Lingo was just the best. We went to the park and some ice-cream passed Isobel's lips.....Hmmmmmm. What can you do when they grab? At least it was organic (see flickr photos). She was exhausted after Chris left.

Tuesday we drove up to Cambridge to see our friends Heather and Stephen who have just had number 4 - gorgeous Emilia. The eldest two were at school, but Isobel had a fantastic time playing with Sophia and blowing bubbles.

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