Monday, 27 April 2009

Sunshine & Richard's Birthday

The last week has been lovely and sunny - warm enough for a Summer dress outing and the factor 50! Sadly the sun didn't make an appearance for today - Richard's birthday which was a shame, but we still had fun. His Mum and Dad drove down from Harlech to spend the day with us - Isobel thought it was VERY exciting and had lots of smiles for her Nain and Taid.

Richard requested the usual birthday cake: Nigella's Guinness Cake so in my usual mad way I started making it before 8am! Anyway, it was delicious:
The two men went into East Dulwich and you might have been mistaken as to whose birthday it was as Isobel was showered in presents on their return. The main pressie was a bouncer for the doorway which she got the hang of very quickly! Note to mum: don't wear a dress if bouncer is in the plan for the day!

Despite the rain, we had a good day and Isobel thought it was very sad when her Nain and Taid had to leave......

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