Tuesday, 23 June 2009


The past week has been a bit of a rollercoaster with various things going on. We had a lovely weekend though and went down to my mum's in Somerset for Isobel's blessing so two of the god-parents and some family could be part of the celebrations. It took place in the church where we were married and Isobel slept blissfully throughout the service - completely unaware. Despite the clouds, we ended up having a fabulous lunch outside and it was fantastic that Leonie, Judith and Wyn and Julie could join us. Thank you to them for driving down at the crack of dawn and navigating their way around the hippies at Stonhenge (Summer Solstice).
We had kept the top layer of our wedding cake, but nearly six years on and having hacked it open, it wasn't deemed suitable for eating (although that didn't stop some people......!).

We bought a 'beach' tent for Isobel which hasn't yet had the sand under it, but it is great in the garden for a bit of shade whilst the garden is in limbo mode. Isobel seems to enjoy playing in there!

Our cat Yannick was also diagnosed with diabetes which rather threw us as he has always been so healthy (cat fights aside). So we are keeping a close eye on him and were at the vets at 0830am Monday morning to learn how to inject him. Trying to associate the injections with food, but not sure if he has fallen for that yet! Here he is in healthier days. Isobel was very pleased to see him home again.

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