Monday, 15 June 2009


Both Isobel and I have been sniffling and spluttering along this past week with yet more colds, but hopefully they are well on their way out now. That hasn't stopped us gadding about though as we went to see an ex-colleague, Isabel and her gorgeous little girl, Sylvie, just outside Guildford - was lovely to be in a rural village and spend sometime with them. Isobel has recently started enjoying 'snacks ' - rice cakes, spelt and pomegranate biscuits etc so we were very civilised sitting on the train with our morning tea. Friday two of the other mums and their boys took the journey with us into town for a London Symphony Discovery Concert with five members of the orchestra telling a story through the music which was great. Hopefully the babes got something out of it - Isobel's legs kicked away so I am taking that as a good sign. Then it was back to East Dulwich for the usual Friday afternoons and amazingly we could sit outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Isobel's god-father, Wyn, turned 40 on Saturday so we went up to Harrow for his party. Just before we left, Wyn and Richard played a piano duet which a very tired Isobel found hilarious and in fits of giggles!

Today was back to normal with our regular Monday meet up in the cafe with the other mums. Then we went to the swings and Isobel had her first swing on her own (pictured) - amazing how quickly she is growing up!


James said...

Wow! She looks like a toddler on the swing! Did she like it?

Cupcake said...

Yes - she thought it was funny every time she swung towards me...

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