Sunday, 26 July 2009

Gnashes, Renos and Outings

The big news this week is (drum roll) Isobel has two bottom teeth - both popped up this week and are fiercely sharp so Mummy's fingers are no longer available for chomping on...Richard came back from his trip away and got stuck into the banisters. The lovely (Ahem) 1950s? spindles we had have now gone and are replaced with more traditional ones. The grooves of the original ones were still there, but has been quite a tough job and the finishing woodwork happens tomorrow.


Progress - and much safer for Miss Isobel

In an effort to clear the house to allow the DIY King his space, Isobel and I joined Helen, Sophie and her Aunt Susie on a jaunt to Islington. First lunch in Carluccio's - quite a grown up lunch really - made a change from the local East Dulwich/Park cafes. Then browsing (and purchasing of course) in Loop which had a tantalising range of yarns. Luckily Isobel fell asleep as we approached the shop - good timing!

Sunday we drove up to see our friends, Liz, Dan and Natalie just south of Cambridge. Natalie is 6 months older than Isobel - so just 'it' in Isobel's eyes. She loved having her lunch and dinner, playing with Natalie's toys and having a swing together.

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