Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Having found some old aran wool stashed in one of the baskets under the bed, I decided to make Isobel a cable and moss stitch hat (Debbie Bliss- Cashmerino Book 2). As always, I find decreasing in moss stitch fustrating, but the hat will do the job in the winter assuming it stays on. Now just need to finish the cable cardigan I started last Summer!

When we were in Harlech I had a browse around the material shop there - Cae du Designs and picked up this remnant of Georgina (by Romo). I have a couple of spare cushion pads so am planning on making two covers - perhaps one patchwork. Not sure I will do this before going back to work, but we'll see. They also had these gorgeous little lavender bags for sale - only £1.50! Usually I see these and think they are over charging and could quite easily make them myself. However, this time I was taken by the detail - look at the stiching around the eddge and for that price.....has of course ended up in one of Isobel's drawers!

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Unknown said...

I love the hat you made! It looks like some tricky and clever knitting skills required.

The fabric and little lavender bags are very pretty too.

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