Sunday, 19 July 2009

Week's Antics

This past week Richard has been away on a cruise, but luckily Granny came to visit on Wednesday to keep us company and to accompany us for Isobel's BCG (eeek). Isobel seems ok so far so fingers crossed it will stay that way. We showed Granny how much Isobel loves to go for a swing and we took a walk through the Sexby Garden in Peckham Rye Park. I hadn't been in the garden for a while and the change was staggering. I loved the whispering grasses and this verbena is stunning. I have missed not planting this year, but have high hopes for 2010!

Granny returned home on Saturday and we went to Helen's for a NCT BBQ with some of the Dad's too. Despite the forecast we managed to have a delicious lunch outside and the babes had a splash in the pool:

Sunday, Leonie came over and we went to the Lambeth Country Show in Brockwell Park. I have never been and it was HUGE. Many, many stands, various types of music and towards the end we stumbled upon the flower tent which then led onto what I can only describe as the competition and cake tent. It was like something out of the 50s with the biscuits on display - half munched by the judges and then the fruit and vege:

Tasty redcurrants:

This one caught my eye as the fruit is described as a Silvanberry and comes from Western Australia! Although bit confused by the description Victoria, W.A. - maybe it comes from both States?

There was also a crochet and knitting competition

Leonie and I had Mexican for lunch and Isobel joined in.

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