Saturday, 15 August 2009

Aran Cardy

Having started this last Summer when Isobel was a feisty bump I put it aside thinking it looked huge. I have never let a piece of knitting lie dormant for over a year so before I went back to work it was another aim to achieve. Took a little longer as I kept re-doing the making up.

Still not over the moon with it, but in the end life is too short. The cardy doesn't seem so huge now - think it will do Isobel for this coming winter. Talking of winter projects, I have just started this Rose-bud cardigan also for Isobel in the chilly weather - will match her teddy and booties (which I am sure will be too small for her by then).

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Unknown said...

Beautiful Katie. Isobel is lucky to have such a talented Mum.

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