Sunday, 9 August 2009

Nine Months

Well several milestones have been reached in the last week. Isobel is Nine months - how did that happen - where did the time go? I turned a year older - first birthday as a mum - and on Tuesday made the huge step of returning to work. Very strange and I am sure it will take me a while before it feels 'normal'. Time with Isobel now seems very precious and there is overpowering sense of once having left the office to be home as quickly as possible. On the plus side I have probably read more in the last few days than I have in nine months! Richard seems to be enjoying looking after her and sounds as if their fun and games are wearing her out. The paddling pool has been out and Isobel has been modeling her Daddy's Oz purchase.

The latest is 'commando' crawling, pulling herself up wherever possible and having learnt how to sit up from lying down. Makes for interesting times putting her to bed - she much prefers sitting to lying down. Plastic tat toys are all the rage and I am sure our heads will be spinning with computerised voices. Anything on our plate is sure to be interesting and must be had (pity we don't have a dog).

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