Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Our week

Our cat, Yannick, is back at the vets again. We were planning on taking him anyway due to worries over weight loss and a lump. Then at 3.30 am Monday morning (lovely) I was woken up by fierce scrabbling - after stumbling around half asleep in the dark I found him stuck in the bath (among all of Isobel's bath toys which had followed him in). Having picked him out he then stumbled around the house almost as if drunk and very awol. At the vets the next day lots of long unpronoucable words were thrown our way which makes me just go blank. Having got onto good old google I discover he had a Hypoglycaemia attack and thank goodness my instinct was not to inject him that morning as an overdose on low sugar could have been fatal. Made me realise what a delicate balance it is getting the insulin and food right. As much as I do moan about the ever spiraling cost of Yannick and the added chore of injecting, making sure he is eating, the morning tray, all on top of getting ourselves and Isobel ready - the thought of being without him leaves a huge hole as he has been with me most of my adult working life. Isobel adores him, chuckles when she sees him and is prepared to climb the stairs and crawl very fast down the landing to catch up with him. I don't think he is so enthusiastic, but so far he is being patient as she 'strokes' (grabs?) him.

Last Friday Isobel and I joined Nye and Robyn at the one o'clock club where she and Nye loved playing with the twisty and turn-y things on the wall.

Isobel also goes there with Amey her childminder - funny to think she had been to something before me! The playground outside also appealed - they seem to be growing up to fast!

Saturday we joined Robyn and Nye again together with Vicki and Daisy and all went swimming. On our walk back - with Robyn showing us the sites of 'posh' Peckham, we stopped at the chocolate shop to have an iced chocolate. Delicious!! And Isobel sampled her first piece of chocolate. Signs for chocolate and wine tasting evenings sounded very appealing so plans are in the making to attend!

BTW - Yannick has come home and for the time being needs no more insulin injections! Not getting our hopes up too much, but amazingly his body has started producing it's own again which is pretty unusual in a pensioner cat.

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Unknown said...

I hope Yannick is over the worst and continues to improve. He's such a lovely cat.

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