Monday, 12 October 2009

The Balancing Act

How to achieve the Balancing act of motherhood, career, domestic goddess (ahem - as if), wife, friend and person in your own right? I need to pick some other mummy brains when I have a moment and see if they can send a magic wand of advice over my way. At the beginning of each week I say to myself this time it will be different, we will be super organised and calm. Of course it never works out that way as then the washing machine breaks - we are consumed with washing and panic over Isobel having enough clean clothes, dishwasher leaks, cat appears with a bleeding ear, microwave needs replacing and so the list goes on. It can be tiring being organised in a military fashion ,but I guess that might be the only answer (together with online shopping) and trying not to pack too much in - our constant vice! Still, when it all gets too much, that little person fiercely wrapping their little arms around you and smothering you with a dribbly kiss makes it all worth it. In an effort to get on the right track, we had a calm, at home weekend. Isobel had, had an exciting week with her Nain and Taid visiting for a couple of days and then Leonie popped over on Sunday. We took Isobel for a (chilly) swim at the 'big' pool - she seems to love watching other kids splashing about.

My cousin Jane married her lovely boyfriend, Ben on Saturday in Jane's home town of Albany. Sounds as if they had a wonderful, wonderful day and we were sad not to be able to be there. Albany and Denmark are places I sometimes thinks of when there is a need to stop for 30 seconds and breathe! The beaches there are spectacular. Here is a snapshot of William Bay:

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