Sunday, 25 October 2009

The Rosebud Project

It is finally finished - yippee. The Rosebud cardigan has finally come to an end (well I have told myself to stop unpicking and just leave it well alone). It is not perfect, but hopefully not too many people will notice. Have decided to give the cardigan to Isobel for her birthday and hopefully it will fit for this winter! There is also a blanket one could make, but I think I have had enough knitted rosebuds to last me a long while yet.

It has been quite a crafty present week as Granny came to stay and brought with her the finished quilt:

It is gorgeous and am thinking it may have to adorn one of Isobel's wall whilst she is too young to use it in bed. Granny also gave her this lovely pink knit - so very pretty and perfect for the Springtime:

We had a lovely day on Friday at the Horniman museum - Isobel thought the aquarium was very intriguing and loved banging the instruments in the 'hands on' room.

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Unknown said...

What lovely things! Very special.

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