Monday, 23 November 2009

First Steps

In the midst of being very busy cruising the furniture, Isobel took 4 steps yesterday - and 5 today before crashing down on her behind or knees (ouch!). Not sure if she is aware she is doing it - perhaps the squeals of delight from onlookers distract her before she bumps back down again. She also likes to 'do' the actions to the nursery rhyme, Wind the bobbin up (one I have had to learn!).

It has been a pretty rainy and windy week, but the weather didn't dampen the spirits of the mums as we went out on Saturday night to celebrate surviving/achieving? a year of motherhood. The night carried on until 2.30am!! I thought those days were over.

Meanwhile Isobel is still obsessed with her trike and loves being whizzed around in it with her hands up in the air.

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