Sunday, 1 November 2009

Halloween and Baking

Isobel found her first Halloween a little bit scary. Having made some pumpkin soup earlier in the day, I decided to play around with carving out a face. Then decided to put it on the window sill outside. Consequence - lots of trick or treaters - the ones who Isobel found too much kindly removed their masks to reveal they were just ordinary boys! Managed to be out of supplies by 7pm so shut up shop (all lights out).

Have also been trying to get ahead on the baking stakes in preparation for Isobel's birthday tea party on Friday. Thinking of using these fancy cupcake holders which Granny gave me. As the life line group of mum's meet up on Friday afternoons anyway - it probably won't be vastly different, but will be trying my hand at coloured icing at some point later in the week. (Not sure when as will be working the evening before her birthday...Ahhhhh). Thank goodness for the freezer which is nicely stocked with scones and cup cakes. Just waiting for the shopping man to bring the bubbly and clotted cream - a fantastic combo!

Isobel has been sporting the lounging look this weekend (when not feeling under the weather):

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