Monday, 8 February 2010

Sundays at 15 months

As I looked back at the photos I took on Sunday, Isobel seemed to be very busy. After a lie in (yay!) she went to the shops with Daddy to buy the croissants for breaky - and she really enjoyed them!

Very serious playing with dollies took place in the morning - carrying them around, putting them to bed with a good night kiss or making sure they have a drink it was all quite exhausting! She also likes to help feed Yannick - taking his tin of biscuits out of the cupboard (heavy.....) and placing it down beside his bowl. She likes to do this again and again - and I am sure Yannick appreciates having his bowl full to the brim........!

In the afternoon we took a whiz around the block in her trike where she loves to swing her head side to side - need to keep an eye out for lamposts and postboxes.

Then home we came for a snack (she was very grown up sitting at her table) and a bit of a go with the crayons. She has also discovered a new thrill of walking backwards - and finds it hilarious.

It was a lovely Sunday - busy, but relaxing.

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