Monday, 10 May 2010


Having some time off, we took a trip to the London Aquarium last Thursday. Isobel thought the train was just great. We weren't so enthralled about her wanting to explore, but luckily the journey was short. Once we had arrived at the Aquarium she was off - no stopping her running to the the various tanks and once that attraction had worn off she just wanted to run and run and run.....

We had lunch on the grass outside and really love the way the Southbank is so vibrant nowdays. Really liked the frontage of Foyles:

And these Elephants which hit the headlines recently were very cute:

Saturday we tried one of the LSO Discovery mornings. Fantastic opportunity for children to have a play/muck around on various instruments.

There were also a number of workshops for various age ranges. We went to the rhyming one which Isobel normally would have loved, but by that stage she just wanted to run and run around (common theme...) Still I learnt some new songs and actions....

Dulwich is currently in Festival mode and on Sunday we headed for the annual Fair on Goose Green. Donkeys, Bouncy castles, cakes, more cakes and an abundant of baby wears. Shame it wasn't sunny :(

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