Saturday, 3 July 2010

Made It

I finished this cotton cardy (Debbie Bliss Eco Cotton) and hat some weeks ago and have been saving it up for our trip to see my new nephew Max:

And in the words of Isobel 'I did' it - finally got around to making her a Summer dress. I wanted just a simple shift dress and found a pattern, but only 3-8 years made a few amendments and here it is using Amy Butler's Daisy Chain print. Let's hope the weather holds.

I was suppose to be packing to go away when making this- so of course I decided to make some shorts too given there was enough material. Not sure how 'ease of comfort' they will be as the crotch was slightly awkward - and again making it up a bit as I went along....all a bit rough and ready!

AM - if you are reading this - making the shorts took me back to that weekend where we made various pairs for ourselves! I was very proud of them!

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Anonymous said...

Yes reading all about shorts - I used an Amy Butler shorts/trouser pattern for Oliver's trousers have now moved to a Heather Ross pattern - loving them....poor boy only has homemade trousers - and pretty wild and wacky prints....I have seen some groovy fairy skirts - I am going to make one for Gen's girls - If Isobel does not have a fairy skirt - please send waist and height measurement and favourite colour will send a skirt

Lots of Love


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