Sunday, 11 July 2010

Visits - Part 1

Last Sunday we drove up to Bramhall to see James, Kaye and baby Max. He is gorgeous and so very handsome. Isobel was in heaven with a real baby and on the whole was very good with him.

Not sure he is ready for a choc chip biccie just yet:

Monday Isobel walked into Uncle James and Auntie Kaye's toyshop - she was in heaven yet again (and baby Max was with us too - the excitement!) She spent a good hour being very busy with a mini shopping trolley - filling it up, taking things to the counter, pushing around a pram, talking to the life sized soft dogs and giraffes....she even forgot to have a snack.

Isobel then proceeded into a number of the shops in Bramhall with pram saying hello to everyone. Even hanging out the washing with Uncle James was an adventure:

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