Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Visits - Part 2

After the baby and toyshop extravaganza, we headed up to Harlech in North Wales to see Richard's parents - and Isobel's Nain and Taid. And of course Gryff - the black pug who was more than happy to be cuddled, sat on and bossed by Isobel in return for scooping up some crumbs at meal times!

We took Isobel to an animal farm where she met three little kids (goats!), calves, lots of goats, bunnies, sheep, chickens and the farm dog. Nervous to begin with, she grew with confidence and when we came back with Nain and Taid she was dashing everywhere.

Holding the bunny was quite an experience:

She also tried her hand at driving a few tractors:

And thought the car was fun too....

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