Saturday, 24 July 2010

Leisurely Saturday

Richard is away for a week - seeing the Norwegian Ffords (humph!) so Isobel and I have, in the end, spent a quiet day at home apart from a walk up the road - and back with pram and dolly (which I decided in the end wasn't such a good idea. Dolly frequently got propelled into neighbours front path ways and the pram nearly collided with several parked cars). So we came home and had quite a long session with the playdough - as soon as it starts hitting the mouth it's time to pack it away:

There were a few tear incidents

but they didn't last long - Miss Cheeky was back:

Can you see me:

We had a Teddy Bear's picnic - as you can see they all seem rather full:

 Isobel did her daily bit of foraging in the strawberry plant -

prolific, but no fruit has a chance to ripen:

I've got a strawberry.....
First bite

Never mind, I'll eat it anyway.

Despite a day at home, Isobel was very tired and has gone off to sleep very peacefully. Leaving me to enjoy my roast lamb for one aka Nigella (slow cooking is just the thing when dinner is all ready and waiting post bed time routine). And to enjoy watching Coco Before Chanel - bliss!

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