Monday, 27 December 2010

Christmas 2010

We spent this year at home and had a lovely and relaxing day - even with an excitable toddler. We all woke up to stockings at the end of our bed and quite honestly this might have been enough for Isobel. She loved sitting in bed, pulling out little wrapped goodies and ripping them opening. And especially discovering the chocolate money in the toe of the stocking!!! We couldn't get her down for breakfast - not even tempted with an egg (well eventually we did):

Having got the Turkey in the oven, and dressed:

we then started the grand opening. Isobel's face when she saw the presents under the tree was priceless and she was very keen to hand them all out and help open them...

First present -from Auntie Judes

Isobel open this one?

Wow....what a noise!

Ready for Christmas lunch

Do you like my hat?

Some quiet time watching Pingu- her favourite at the moment

Watching Cinderella Ballet in new fairy outfit

No room for cake on Christmas Day!

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