Monday, 14 March 2011

A hint of Spring

The temperature climbed into double figures last weekend. OK - only 11 degrees, but with the sun it made a huge difference after what seems such a long winter. Having stared at our 'garden' for weeks on end, and with some bare root peonies sitting in a box waiting to be planted, Isobel and I spent Saturday afternoon outside digging over one of the flower beds. Not sure if they have been planted 'just right' - and didn't help with Miss Isobel moving the labels, but we'll see. They are suppose to eventually look like this.

I discovered some neglected peonies in pots which are starting to push through so time for them to have some attention:

Even the bulbs I planted in errr....January (well overdue) are coming up:

And then it was time for tea.

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