Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Sun Appeared (albeit briefly...)

Feeling the sun on your back makes you feel full of spirits and energy - sadly it didn't last long, but before the rain settled in again (it's raining, it's pouring), Isobel thought it was time to get out her sunnies:

Motoring on her scooter

Let's go

Friday we were all home as it was half term so the three of us went out for lunch which was great. We decided Pizza Express was probably a safe choice. Isobel's menu went on and on....and of course the best bit was at the end - Sundae and babychino:

Then it was off to the shops to get some fruit and vege. Isobel insisted getting her Peppa Pig bag so she could pay and carry the grapes:

Yes she is still only 2.....(sigh).

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