Monday, 23 July 2012

End of an Era

This time last week we were on holiday on the lovely Isle of Wight (more of that later). It seems unreal the day has come to return to work. I have got used to being at home with time my own (well that of the kiddywinks) so waiting for the train at 0715 doesn't quite seem right! Isobel was rather perplexed as I was leaving. Why are you going to work Mummy? I actually wonder if she remembers me working pre Elis. When I explained I needed to earn some money she replied you just need to go to Daddy's bank (Hmmm!!!). And Elis's cheerful smile with his happy go lucky sense of fun turned in his high chair as I went to the front door - and made me shed a tear as life is changing once again (I then remembered I was wearing mascara!).

Typically after months of rain this week is set to be glorious and I'll be in an office! Still yesterday was lovely and we went round to Isobel's swimming pals place just round the corner from us where they have an outside pool - it was a slice of heaven.

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