Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Look back at.....July

Going back to work has left little time for ocasionally blogging so here is an attempt to catch up on our Summer goings on before the Autumn leaves start to fall! Before returning to work we had a wonderful holiday on the Isle of Wight staying in the village of Seaview. And what a stunning view it was. Wooden boats (handmade there and only 'out' for 6 weeks of the year) bobbed up and down, Isobel had a ball crabbing (hoping the crabs would bite the bacon), exploring rock pools and Elis just loved getting into the sand! It was just the perfect place for a 9 month and 3 year old. Being able to go in the car with all and sundry (and the kitchen sink) was great and the ferry crossing proved to be very exciting for both kiddies.

Seaview - just a couple of minutes from our cottage.

Crabbing - a serious mission...

I love sand!

The evening sunset

We visited the infamous zoo - and the sheer close proximity of the large cats was amazing. We particularly liked Casper the lion:

Godshill was worth a visit and the miniature village of Godshill was a big hit - Isobel exlaiming it was 'beautiful' and 'gorgeous'

Anyone in there?

Our trip to Cowes coincided with the Olympic torch and we so happened to be in the right place at the right time. It was pretty exciting seeing Ellen MacArthur and we could get quite close!

The village had a street party with live bands and Isobel danced for three hours (I am not exaggerating...)

Isobel loved the house so much she announced she was going to live there when she was grown up with her six children (!). I did point out there were only two bedrooms......

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