Sunday, 7 October 2012

Birthday Boy

My baby boy turned one this weekend. Such a milestone and where has the time gone? Now quite a personality, trying to assert his independence, desperately keen to walk and run after his sister. The birthday opening of presents went down well - no tears as with Isobel, but as on her first birthday we did get the 2.5 hour daytime sleep! Unheard of....ever!

Birthday morning

Having a ball with his new truck from Nain and Taid

Granny came to stay which was very exciting for them both:

and that afternoon we had a tea party (Isobel's friends of course). Granny helped with getting the food - with a trip down memory lane making fairy bread - Mmmmmmm

Obligatory cupackes.

First Birthday Cake
And first birthday cake consumed.....

It was a lovely day and the party celebrations went on for most of the weekend. Isobel went to two parties the following day and has one nearly every weekend this month! I can't keep up!

Party Girl (exhausted Mummy...)
And on reaching one, Elis has decided he too should sit up at the table and draw!

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Rosemary said...

It looks as though you celebrated in style! Well done! x

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