Sunday, 28 April 2013

Signs of Life...

The (slightly) warmer weather and the colour starting to seep into the garden always brings a sense of optimism and hope. Plants I thought were no longer are starting to emerge through the soil which I always find exciting.

These daffodils are near the back door and as they waver in the wind they seem to say a cheery hello:

And I love the splurge of colour this magnolia gives us in early spring. The view from the back garden is a sea of blossom with a neighbour's enormous pear tree and another's apple and plum trees

And our young almond tree is looking gorgeous:

Budding hydrangea....

Another neighbour gave us some grapevine cuttings so hoping they will take root and scramble up the back deck and reward us with sumptuous fruit.....fingers crossed:

Meanwhile someone loves racing up and down the garden on her bike (not easy in the overgrown grass):

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