Sunday, 19 May 2013

Round Two

Victoriana at it's best in the form of an old fashioned fun fair and a certain four year old loved it. Our walk to the park was  social whirl for her meeting various friends. This time last year Isobel wasn't sure enough to go on the merry go round herself so we rode together, but this year I think she was advised to stay sitting... - I think she would ride bareback if she could? Elis still not keen to try even the most gently of rides, but happy to watch and totter around:

Taking it all in:

Squeals of delight as Isobel bumps into her best friend from nursery - and off on the buses they go -

After a picnic lunch, the obligatory ice cream followed:

On the walk back home this front garden caught my eye - the tulips so vibrant. Front gardens/drives are becoming a slight obsession of mine as I try to find the right 'design' for ours:

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