Thursday, 22 August 2013

Trip to Harlech

Earlier this month we took a trip to Wales to see Richard's family in Harlech, North Wales where we had a glorious time and the kids had a ball. Isobel was often pretty busy helping out in her Aunt's shop and did a pretty impressive job of setting up first thing in the morning. We were taken for lunch by Richard's parents at the Castle Restaurant in Portmeirion which was a great treat and the children actually behaved! The views from there were stunning.

We then went into Portmeirion itself with all it's colourful buildings, little hide-a-ways - Isobel thought it was quite magical.

A dropped flower following a wedding ceremony was put to use:

And we stared enviously at the hotel's pool....

It was a gorgeous day. On other days we had a BBQ on the beach, visited a farm (see Elis entranced with the bunny below) and together with  hanging out with both Nain and Taid, volunteering in the shop and having fun with their other Aunty - both children slept in every day! Fresh air = heaven in my mind!

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