Sunday, 8 September 2013

France: Chateau du Bouchet

For our last week of the Summer holidays, we spent it here, in the stunning Chateau du Bouchet.  We travelled in convey with my brother and his family and met up with relies from Oz as part of my Dad's birthday celebration. Fourteen of us in all but it felt incredibly spacious (we had about a third of the Chateau) and the children just loved the swings and slide by the backdoor - set among acres of land, an orchard full of plums, raspberries, apples, pears set by the outdoor swimming pool. There was also a barn full of bikes, tractors for little ones (huge hit), Wendy house and other delights. 

The Entrance
I loved the ornate detail - whether it be the formidable gate we drove through, to door handles, shutters (inside and out). Flinging the shutters open in the morning to this view created a sense of calm!

Looking into the 'playroom'

One of the views from the sitting room 

This radio in our bedroom intrigued me - listing all the main European radio stations. And I was very drawn to this chair carving. 

I rather over did it on the photos - so this will need to be a post in parts. But before I go, here are some snaps of the Isobel and Elis enjoying themselves. They adored having their cousins, Max and Sadie around. 

Pirates ahoy!

I'm in heaven.....

Children's dinner - outside every night!

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