Monday, 17 February 2014

Go Slow Weekend

With the onset of half term starting last Friday for Isobel, a tired toddler, knackered me and vile weather I decided to install the Go Slow motto this weekend - I think we all were in need of a bit of time just to enjoy being at home and on Friday we didn't have to be anywhere at a certain time - yippee!  The Butcher, the baker, the greengrocer and candlestick maker online shop all came to us - it was bliss as we watched the wind and rain outside - or as Isobel exclaimed: "It's chucking it down - let's stay inside today".

In an attempt to try and reduce our cake intake in this miserable weather I found a recipe for choc chip cookies (my though process being we might eat less of the cookies...?!>). My cookies have always been disasters - flat and spread out with ooze to then become brittle and tasteless. This time however they worked!! Mary Berry came to the rescue and perhaps in combination with my wonderful Kitchen Aid.  Gorgeously chewy it was hard not to gobble them up as they were warm. A big hit!

Hard to keep little hands away from the dough


On Sunday our local bookshop was holding a reading by a local poet, Chrissie Grittin, to launch her new book, Stars in Jars. I wondered if it might be too old for Isobel but she LOVED it and seems to have made quite an impression. And most importantly her own signed book!

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