Sunday, 11 May 2014

A Week Off

I am not quite sure where April got to - got away that's for sure. I've just had a week off work, being a mum at home and although we've been busy, it has been bliss to have some 'brain' space, time to think, have time with my little boy and do the school run everyday. Not having the pull of work vs home even just for a few days was a very welcome break.

The bank holiday was lovely and warm and really got the garden springing back to life. The roses are all budding and the first bloom on my Getrude Jekyll smells so deeply gorgeous - you could almost drink it. Ignore the black spots! The perfume is so strong it is worth drying the petals.

Since my last post I have been getting on with my Granny Squares. It is taking a while and sewing in all the ends will take a time. I originally was only going to do the three rounds, but have now decided to finish them off with a further three taken from another pattern. Having scoured books and You Tube, I have found this blog, Little Tin Bird and the tutorials are a god-send. It's shaping up and I'll see where we are when I have 40 finished squares.

The pink is much more muted in reality - looks a bit too pink here. 

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