Sunday, 21 February 2010

Words and Visitors

Isobel has been uttering a few new sounds. Good Girl seems to be the favourite. Although Good Girl was said as she was flinging some yogurt or some such, but she gets it most the time. Downstairs, all gone and Teddy are also new to the vocab. Due to the fact Isobel doesn't have enough toys (ahem) we bought her a little pram and she just loves pushing it around - usually with dolly not in it!

On Sunday Liz, Dan and Natalie came over for lunch and it was fun to see them again - we always leave it far too long. Always amazing to see how the girls have changed. Isobel was asleep when they arrived so emergying from her sleep she initially wasn't quite sure about all these people in the kitchen. However it didn't take her long to get into the swing of things.

After a walk and madame consuming a whole muffin, she had a second wind and did her first round of washing up!

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Granny said...

Love the picture of Isobel with her new pram!
She looks very purposeful with the washing up brush too! All three pics very

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